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高 大 夫, ARABELLA, a life of faith, hope, and love (expected 2025)

A child born in 1898 is brought to the front of a church in the county seat of a rural Midwest river town. She has just begun to walk. It is her one year birthday, and she is the first child of a 45 year-old woman, the second wife of a country lawyer, now a judge, who walks with one peg leg.


Arabella Sangster Gault is consecrated to the church to become a missionary, and her mother, by now long widowed and at the age of 72, will accompany her daughter to China, where both will live out the rest of their lives. Arabella, with a medical degree from John Hopkins University, will become 高大夫 , Gāo dàfū, Doctor Tall, a beloved medical missionary of Shantung Christian University's Cheeloo School of Medicine in Tsinanfu, Shantung Province, China.


With the grudging respect, and help of the Lieutenant Colonel of the Japanese Army whom imprisoned her at the Weihsien Internment Camp, she will survive the 2nd World War to be liberated by American paratroopers, making a return to the Port of San Francisco and an entry through the Golden Gate, only to succumb there to her broken health.




San Francisco
A Child is Given
精神之烟 Smoke of The Spirit Money
乐 道 院 Courtyard of The Happy Way
Escape from Weisen to Tsingtao
Sincerely yours, Arabella Sangster Gault