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TWENTY-THREE — TWO WORLDS, published by Kniemst Press

Contained within the orbiting craft is the DNA record of ancient earth life, and the chromosomes of frozen human genetic material, the last scapegoat, and an attempt to survive and establish a new human settlement on Mars.

And MSL, the Mars Science Laboratory launched in 2011, whose "Curiosity" rover reveals an ancient truth. 

THE HITCHHIKER and Other True Stories, published by Kniemst Press

Stories of war and peace, life and death, and of nothing but everyday life and moments of what it means to be human; in different times, cultures, and countries, about what is lost and what remains.

SURRENDER and other stories published by Kniemst Press

This is my second book of true stories collected during travels to many destinations, with different cultures and languages. Specific events by personal connections, letters, or stories told spanning generations of ordinary people in different parts of the world, – birth, death, and life in-between over generations.

高 大 夫, ARABELLA, a life of faith, hope, and love (expected 2025)

Born in 1898, the one year old Arabella Sangster Gault is consecrated by her mother to the missionary field. She will complete a medical degree from The John Hopkins University Medical School, and live out the rest of her life as a Presbyterian Medical Missionary in China's Shantung Province.